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Secret Cafe Bardejov


Awaken your senses


The intense aroma of coffee, wafting through the air, will overwhelm your senses upon arrival. Our carefully selected boutique coffee is truly irresistible.

Whether or not you have tried one of our signature offers, you will surely discover a hidden gem from within our wider selection of handicraft alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Come in out of the cold for a hot chocolate made of Belgian chocolate (80% cacao) or perhaps try a mixed drink.

For those looking to nibble on something sweet we offer meticulously hand-crafted deserts, ranging from the traditional to the modern. The daily offering is seasonal, so come in to try something new.

May it be day or night, with children or friends, in summer or winter, we are here for you. We value repeat customers.


Enjoy a new experience


The Secret Cafe offers a pleasant atmosphere in the heart of Bardejov. A popular meet-up and relaxation zone for visitors of the historical center. Our café is a much sought-after location for meetings between friends and families with children.

We offer a unique seating area in refurbished historical surroundings. Relax on the sun terrace which overlooks the surrounding park and a former Fort.

There is often something going on here, whether it's one of our regular amphitheater programs or another event, including a popular show where our skilled staff make bespoke drinks with dry ice.

We will happily prepare drinks to-go. Enjoy them as you stroll through the park or historical center.

Secret Cafe Bardejov
Secret Cafe Bardejov


From select suppliers


Quality is our top priority. We select our suppliers very carefully and continually monitor our selection for freshness. Our attention to quality extends to health, as we seek to offer a balanced selection for you to choose from based on your needs.

Our wider offering includes: freshly roasted varietal coffee, fermented beverages packed full of healthy herbs, 100% natural fruit juice without additional sugar or preservatives, homemade lemonade blended from seasonal fruits, craft beer, lactose-free and gluten-free cakes and desserts made in our own bakery without white flour or white sugar.

Carefully selected, exquisitely presented, designed for you!

No posts published in this language yet
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.
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