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About us

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About the Secret Cafe

A place where we do things honestly.

Freshly roasted varietal coffee. Craft beer. Exclusive handicraft alcoholic / non-alcoholic beverages. Hot chocolate blended from real Belgian chocolate (80%cacao). Homemade cakes (without white flour or white sugar, including gluten-free options). Bespoke mixed drinks, and for children we offer specialized refreshments.

We think ecologically and use environmentally friendly methods and materials. Pets are welcome here. The cafeteria area is completely equipped for those with restricted mobility.

An exceptional location, rich history, magical atmosphere, pleasant seating and warm staff only add to the extraordinary experience we hope to provide for every customer.

Always something extra


We realize that professionally trained, and pleasant staff is extremely important to you.

We are constantly reflecting on our work so that we can provide you with the best possible customer experience and, thanks to your feedback, we can move forward in the improvement of our offering and services.

Come to experience something new, our team is looking forward to seeing you! :)

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Our history


Our café is part of the Upper Gate complex, part of the fortification system and town walls which date from the 14th and 15th centuries.


The town is listed by the European Fund of Cultural Heritage as one of the most elaborate and best-preserved medieval fortifications in Slovakia. A registered national cultural monument, Bardejov (NKP 1665/2).

From the south the fortifications were closed by the Upper Gate bastion, which in the years 1405 - 1407 was rebuilt by Master Matej of Nuremberg. At the time, for defence reasons, the gate was built on an angle and were served by a wooden bridge, later replaced by a stone bridge in 1770.


Although the gate was abolished in 1843 part of the masonry and the stone-supported moat were preserved from the Upper Gate bastion.


The remains of this masonry are still preserved below the ground level where the Secret Cafe is located.

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